OCC Lip Swatch Part 2

Published August 17, 2014 by lesleyhope

This is part 2 out of 3 everyone! 

I realize these swatches aren’t the best. These aren’t as good as last post’s because they were taken with my phone cam opposed to my nice beautiful camera. But they show the colors well and that is what I’m about.


Left to right… Marion, Hoochie, Femme, Pretty Boy & Penny Royal

Hoochie was one of the first colors that I ever got and I must have been ahead of my time to pick radiate orchid when the color of the year was emerald green or whatever that green color was. But it’s definitely one of my favorites. I am not really feeling Penny Royal as it’s kind of… drab. But anyway, here are the swatches close up.


This is Marion. This picture doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. It’s a peachy brown- perfect for fall or a nude lip.


Hoochie. They say this is an extreme magenta on OCC’s website. Agreed on that but personally I would categorize it as an extreme radiant orchid. There are many that say this is comparable to MAC’s Heroine. Beautiful summer color.


Femme is a light pastel pink with lavender undertones. This color is very similar to Mannequin but it’s softer and a tad more wearable to me.


Pretty Boy is blue based magenta. I love lip colors with cool undertones. This is an all around must have pink that would look great on anyone.


Penny Royal- muted orangey brown. This color would look amazing on darker skin tones or a great tan.

More to come later!

xo, Lesley Hope


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