Contour and Highlight that Ish!

Published July 16, 2014 by lesleyhope

Hey guys! Wanted to walk you through the steps that I outline in my video. (I messed up on my blush step so these won’t be step for step as they are in the video…but they’re close enough and you get the point).

Okay so I didn’t know what contour and highlight meant until probably a couple of years ago. It’s amazing how much awesome stuff you can learn on the web. I learned a TON from Marlena at MakeupGeek. She is honestly the best and I have yet to buy her products but that’s next on my list! If you’re not down with highlighting and contouring and the whole shabang that is totally ok, but you can get some tips with one thing or another from the process I PROMISE!

Step 1: Pick a contour color that you are comfortable as a bronzer color- this is pretty important in terms of shades. You want something that is about 2-3 shades deeper than your foundation made skin AND a tint (warm, neutral or cool) that goes with your eye/hair/skin tone. For example, I generally don’t ever put anything on to contour that is too taupey or too golden as I’m pretty neutral toned. OK, anyways. After you’ve done that- apply the contour to the following places with a smaller, dense bronzer blush: under the cheekbones, on the jawline, on the temples, along the outer edge of your forehead and **optional** on the sides of your nose. (If you’re opting to use cream which intensifies the contour, then you can use your fingers for each one of these places).
Step 2: Use a cream concealer as a highlighter to lighten the following places: under your eyes, bridge of your nose spanning to your mid forehead, cupid’s bow (just above your top lip), and chin. I prefer to use a concealer that comes with a wand as the product is usually creamier and easier to blend out.
Step 3: Use a dense, dome brush to pad the concealer into your skin. Do not rub it!!! Some people like to use a stippling brush or a small fluffy brush which you can do so as well but it creates a weird pattern for me, so I like to just use my Stila foundation brush for this.
Step 4: Finish the highlight with a lighter matte powder. Like I mentioned previously, I like to match a color to my skin tone in terms of warmth/coolness. I usually chose a color that is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone with similar undertones. Use a small fluffy blush to blend over the concealer and blend out the powder into your contour. Use this same brush to blend out the powder over the rest of your concealer to soften.
Step 5: Use a bigger, round brush to soften the contour by buffing where you have the contour OR pick up a little more powder bronzer and intensify the lines. I would suggest a kabuki brush as it’s large and since you already have product down, you don’t need any perfect lines. Use this brush to go over the contour and again, soften any harsh lines/edges.
Step 6: BLUSH! This is the step I forgot in my video. I like to use an angled blush brush to pick up whatever color I’m feeling that day (and really… I mean whatever color- lavender, coral, dusty pink, berry pink, purple, burgundy). I apply the blush to right on the top of my cheekbones which should be above your bronzer slightly but you can blend into it and a small amount on the apples of my cheeks. Like I said in my video, do not apply much product inside the invisible line that ends at the outer corners of your eye.
Step 7: Powder highlight! I use a flat foundation brush or a small contour brush for this just to apply a small amount of shimmer right above the blush. If you need to, you can use a fluffy brush to blend them into each other a tad. I really wouldn’t recommend applying shimmer to your forehead or nose as the highlight draws attention and can make you look shiny. So just on the tops of your cheeks to appear fresh.
Step 8: Use the biggest brush you can find and a finishing powder to set. Just a little. You can also use the brush to buff any lines you aren’t feeling.

THAT’S IT! Any questions let me know- my video has more steps because I consolidated on here but that is the jist. Ya’ll got questions? Holla!

Happy contouring and highlighting!
Xo, Lesley


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