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Published June 9, 2014 by lesleyhope

Hi everyone! It’s been a hot month or so since I’ve posted. I don’t even remember how. Just kidding.

I went to The Makeup Show Chicago this weekend! And… um… IT WAS EFFING AMAZING. I got to see so many brands and products that mostly only professionals know about. It was a little overwhelming but I am so glad that I did it. I went by myself too, stretched my comfort zone for sure but again, so glad that I made that initial leap!

I will do a complete haul video but I’ve decided that for the sake of my blog, I will review one or two products each post and review. One, now that I told you I actually have to do it. And two, splitting it up will be easier for me and less boring for ya’ll.

Here’s a little lookski and some of the awesome stuff I picked up. PS this entire makeup show was discounted like woah.


I took a selfie of myself before I went to the show on Saturday morning:


Looking pretty good. Makeup on damn point. Hair on point. Eyebrows on point. I also did some extra contouring/highlighting.

Well, I took a picture of myself AFTER the show and Cheezus H. Criminey


I mean, I probably will delete this post at some point in time. But I wanted to highlight how exhausted I was from this weekend. I believe that picture does more than justice.

New post soon! Xo, Lesley Hope


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