Color Me Summer

Published May 5, 2014 by lesleyhope

Hello beautiful people!

I am deeply sorry for my lack of blogging. I’ve been mulling over a lot of things having to do with this blog, my passions & my future lately. I have made some decisions so stay tuned!

Anyway, let’s talk makeup. I heard about NYX Macaron Lippies about a month ago. I started watching Ssssamantha’s youtube channel (also BATALASHBEAUTY) and I was instantly drawn. #wcw everyday. She’s awesome. She posted a review on them before they were released and I was intrigued- black, blue, green lipsticks?! Come to mama!

I feel like I waited WEEKS for them to arrive. I was first spelling them wrong on the internet so I didn’t even know they were released on NYX’s website. When I finally found the link, I was elated. I ordered 5 colors (I was only going to get 4 but after $25 you get free shipping and they’re $6 each soooo… yeah, had to). They were shipped from Los Angeles so it took about a week for them to arrive. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because receiving these lipsticks was the biggest thorn in my ass. Fed Ex first doesn’t have a universal key to my building to drop the box off where allllll the other UPS and USPS mailmen drop boxes. Okay, that’s fine. One extra day. I’ll wait until the next day. I leave a note on the intercom system- “FED EX FOR G*****S, CALL 948”. I have my phone by me that next day. I am staring at it all morning. All of the sudden, “New Voicemail”. WHAT?! NOOOO!!! My phone apparently doesn’t have service in my work building! Awesome! So I call Fed Ex customer service and find out what the heck to do. Get it reconsigned to a Fed Ex Kinkos and pick it up the next day. Ugh, double ugh. So finally it’s the next day, it’s pouring but it’s cool. I’ll do what I gotta do to get these damn lipsticks. And I did. I conquered Fed Ex and ventured on public transit to the opposite side of town to pick up my box in the rain. Whew! Got ’em guys! I couldn’t wait to get home and open this puppy up…. they didn’t disappoint.


Left to right…

  • Pistachio- mint green
  • Earl grey- muted periwinkle
  • Violet- can we say ULTRA violet?!
  • Black Seasame- light grey
  • Blue velvet- bright blue


These are only 5 out of I believe 12. They also have white, black, lime green, orange, yellow, pink & lavender. I wanted to get colors that I would not buy anywhere else. The violet was the one that I put into my shopping bag at the end on a whim because I knew I would receive free shipping. I think I would love the black & orange. Now, I want to be clear. I would probably not wear this out alone. I think people absolutely could but I use them more for blending purposes. Do you see where I’m going with this? I mixed Pistachio with a MAC lipstick last night- a dark burgundy I can’t remember the name. The color that these two created was gorgeous! It was a browny mauve since red and green are complimentary colors & cancel each other out.

Back to the lippies, they are creamy, pigmented and last a decent amount of time. In my swatches I actually only lined my lips when I put on Violet. I think you can tell. All the rest of the swatches look like they bleed a little bit but they don’t- it’s all about the lip liner ladies!!!

I would absolutely recommend these. I mean, they’re $6, good quality (some of NYX’s other lipsticks smell a LITTLE funny) and it’s SUMMER! Go crazy! Have fun! With a tan, an orange or the blue would be beautiful looking! Check out Musings of a Muse- beautiful swatches.

I will post more, promise.

Farewell for now pretty people!

Xo, Lesley Hope


One comment on “Color Me Summer

  • Love the chance to pick up unique colored lipsticks. I actually think you could wear the violet out by itself without getting too many stares.

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