The Art Of The Selfie

Published April 6, 2014 by lesleyhope

I have been an avid protester of the selfie. You know, the bathroom pic. The locker room pic. The gym pic. The mirror pic. Especially the duckface pic. Stupid right? Right??? Maybe. Maybe not though. Maybe, these have grown on me in terms of art. The ones that are actually thought out, creative and/or have a clever caption are actually the winners. Why do you think that all celebrities always have the greatest, poised photos of themselves? Because they’re actors and know how to work the camera. I mean, I was looking at my twitter the other day thinking, why do I follow Miley Cyrus? I don’t even like her music all that much. (Okay I do a little, especially 23). But it’s because her pictures are pretty captivating! She posts a TON of selfies but they all have cool lipstick, cool hair or a cool caption. Cool. Never thought I’d use that word so freely. Especially to describe a selfie.

Anyway, I have actually stepped up my Insta-game and started posting some selfies. Yeah, yeah. Call me what you want. I have done it under strict guidelines that I have set for myself that are as follows…

  1. Use a filter. It’s Instagram. They’re there to help. And to flatter. X-PRO II is one of my most frequently used. Find one that suits your skintone, hair color, skin color and GO TO TOWN!
  2. Make it unique. No one cares that you’re at work, sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, tired on a Monday. Preaching to the choir on that one. But… if you’re at work, sitting at your desk in front of your computer, tired on a Monday AND are wearing the world’s brightest, neon blue lipstick? Okay, now we’re talking. Proceed with the selfie.
  3. Do it yourself. That’s why it’s called a selfie. It’s for when you’re alone and bored. Or, alone and not bored. It’s not for you to pose and have someone else take a million of you until you find the right one. It’s for you, your phone and your face only.
  4. Put as much effort (or more) into the caption as you do the picture. I am a proponent for using the $hit out of some hashtags. Hashtag it up! And not with #one #word #captions. #boring. #usethemlikethisandmakereallylongsentencesthatarekindoffunny #kindalikethat. You catch my drift.
  5. IG only. This is a big one. I NEVER post selfies on Facebook or Twitter. Instagram only please and thank you.
  6. Last but not least, own it! I love fashion, I love makeup, I love color, I love lipstick and I am proud of all that. If I post something, it’s never meant to be narcissistic. It’s meant to be expressive.

I leave you with a couple of selfies from the past and present. And trust me, they all have captions. Usually they’re sarcastic. Enjoy!

20130624_182250 20130828_195740 20131107_074534 20131213_192853 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_20140327_192341 IMG_20140328_213838 IMG_20140301_072226 IMG_20140311_172640 581779_10103162051245774_357438235_n 474846_10102210910449554_671623477_o


Good luck on all future selfies that you attempt.


Lesley Hope


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