0 to 60 in 20

Published March 30, 2014 by lesleyhope

My beloved Spartans lost today. As I was sitting there in my desolate state, tears running down my face, eyes red- I thought, (well I thought a lot of things), but I thought, I need to get out of this. As I am working every day to find a way to detach my emotions just a little more from my alma mater, it’s a big work in progress. But the good news is that I do have another skill set that allows me to hide all glum emotions, red eyes & tear streaked skin. Thank goodness.

In the next few pictures, you will see a transformation. No, the pictures are not the most flattering- still working on all that good stuff. But I hope you can take away one thing from this- makeup can bring out your BEST. It’s not permanently altering anything, it’s just emphasizing the good and minimizing the bad.

Photo 1: no makeup, fresh from remorse.



Photo 2: primer & foundation. Pretty flat.



Photo 3: concealer and highlighter. Keyword: Dimension


Photo 4: eyes


Photo 5: bronzer & blush


Photo 6: eyebrows!


Photo 7: lips and a SMILE!

IMG_0534 IMG_0535

Then I cheated and put my hair down because I curled it last night. But you all get the point! Every little detail makes a big difference and I’m still the same person. No surgery, not a ton of makeup. I just accentuate my features!

Ok and yes, this did make me feel a little better emotionally- who doesn’t love feeling beautiful and confident. I am happy to be alive and healthy.

Go Green Forever,

Lesley Hope


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