The Power Of The Eyebrow

Published March 8, 2014 by lesleyhope

Hey beauties! Ugh this week has been crazy busy. I finally am home and blogging yay!

Allright, so I think many girls go through a stage where we pluck the $h!t out of our eyebrows because we thought that they looked better really small. Right? Nope? Just me? Okay fine. So I went through a time in college where I think I plucked my eyebrows everynight. Yes, you heard me. EVERYNIGHT. What were you thinking Lesley Hope??? My mom would always tell me, “your eyebrows are too thin” or “you need to grow out your eyebrows”. I had the dreadful eyebrownorexia. They never looked thin enough for me. Fast forward a couple of years and here I sit at my vanity, staring at my eyebrows at night, wondering “why”?

I have gotten past my eyebrownorexia and now prefer to let ’em grow out and hang out as much as possible. I have even taken it upon myself to start DOING my eyebrow makeup (I only thought drag queens did their eyebrows until recently). I stumbled upon a wonderful makeup artist at Sephora who did my makeup for me one day (Rouge VIP what’s up) and she made my eyebrows so beautiful that it changed my entire look! I only thought lipstick could change a look! I thought wrong.

I now use the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil, Brow Wax Pencil, and Brow Powder Duo all by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I don’t do my brows everyday, but when I do, I feel like a new woman.


First I apply the clear wax pencil all over my eyebrows (think of it kind of like a primer for your brows). I make sure I go outside of the lines because generally you want to draw them on thicker than what they are and you need a good base down to do so. The wax pencil helps the brow color stay throughout a long day. I then draw the outline of my eyebrow with the brow wiz pencil (again, I make mine start a TAD closer together than my actual eyebrow). This is actually a little daunting if you have never done it, it still is a little weird for me but I just look at it as enhancing your natural beauty. Once I am satisfied with the outline, I fill it in with the pencil as well and darken up the color. When the color of the eyebrows and shapes of both are done, I use the brow powder duo (I have medium dark) and pat it over the pencil like an eye shadow or a finishing powder on your face. Voila! I am done. I would suggest going a shade darker than your hair color (at least) 1) because it’s natural, eyebrows rarely match natural hair color especially for blondes and 2) because it’s SO in right now. Examples below:


So Rita Ora, Miley, Kate and Emma all say it’s a go. It’s definitely a go. Stunning. It defines your features and bring attention to the EYES which is what you want. I even tried it…





Granted, those are are two different nights this week. But still. You see the dramatic effect it has on my face.

In conclusion, can we just celebrate the woman who started it all? Yes. There is a picture of her hanging in my room. The queen. Not Elizabeth or Beyonce but…


Marilyn Monroe. Rest in peace you beautiful woman.

Before I send you all off… I have one swatch. It’s OPI, the Gwen Stefani collection (that happens to be a coincidence that she is also blonde with beautiful brown eyebrows).


4 In The Morning- it’s a satin color. Matte black. I LOVE this color the day of and after I paint my nails but I was disappointed with how it stayed (or how it didn’t stay is more like it). It chipped easily because you’re not supposed to use a top coat and the finish didn’t stay matte for more than 2 days. Great color for a one night party but not for long wearing.

Goodnight beautiful people! Hope you learned something and try something new with your brows!

xo, Lesley Hope


2 comments on “The Power Of The Eyebrow

  • Benefit Brow Bar put me through “brow bootcamp” to help me grow out my thin brows. I am so happy now with my natural shape and look! They were great coaches (it is so hard to stop over-tweezing!). And I agree filling in your brows really finishes your overall look. I really like Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which is basically a mascara wand for your brows. It’s so easy for someone like me who isn’t as skilled with makeup!

    • I’ve been wanting to do that everytime I am in Macy’s. I have heard a lot of awesome things about Benefit and their Brow Bar. I like the onomatopoeia you used with all the B’s. Nice.

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