OPI Extravaganza

Published February 15, 2014 by lesleyhope

So I’m sitting at my high top table, with my glass of red wine, a fire going and ladies, I have to say, I am feeling VERY Carrie Bradshaw-esque right now. I often wonder if I could be her in another lifetime… sigh.

Anyways, I have a post tonight! It’s a NAIL post! Exclusively OPI, with two exceptions (sorry Essie I just didn’t have enough of you to write about at the moment). But I will say, I’m loving Essie more and more. Whatever purchaser or brand manager made the deal with Walgreens- BRAVO! Very smart thinking. I was really thinking hard the last few days about how I wanted to post this because I have SO many colors and NOT enough swatches for you guys! I struck up a deal and I hope you will comply- I swatch a color every couple of days and talk about it. That’s so I don’t have to tear up my nails with all the acetone (and so I can wear each other and admire my own hands for a few days). Deal? Ok great!


About half is half of my collection (rest are in Michigan… but they will be brought back) and the other half is my roommate’s who I have not asked if it’s ok to name her yet. Totally ok to remain anonymous on this super popular blog.

Left from right- base coat, Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs, Bubble Bath, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Tickle My France-y, Essie San Tropez, Essie Chincilly, Lucky Lucky Lavender, I Think In Pink, Cozumelted In The Sun, Feelin Hot Hot Hot, My Chihuahua Bites, Red Hot Ayers Rock, Overexposed In South Beach, Catherine The Grape, You Don’t Know Jacques, Expresso Your Style, Midnight In Moscow, Warm & Fozzie, My Private Jet, Designer…De Better, Don’t Talk Bach To Me, Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Russian Navy.

Beautiful right? More to come! Check them out at OPI and Essie. I love OPI’s site because it has an interactive tool where you can try on colors- any color! It’s wonderful.

Allright: two swatches for you pretty people.


On the left is Lucky, Lucky, Lavender. I would consider it more of a pink with lavender rather than an actual purple-y lavender. It’s not outrageous, it’s rather romantic and lovely. I would never use those words in the same sentence, especially describing nail polish. But it felt right.

On the right is Red Hot Ayers Rock. It’s a dynamite hot berry red. When I first put it on, it was more pink- then the next day I was studying it and I decided it was more red. I can’t decide! It’s gorgeous though- especially with a nice little tan in the summer.

Now I’m going to get my butt kicked by a personal trainer at my gym (a free Valentine’s Day gift they gave me). Sweet huh? I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Even if it was just a normal day for you and you ate more candy than normal, that works.

Peace & Love,

Lesley Hope


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