Nailed It

Published February 13, 2014 by lesleyhope

Happy Hump Day loves! Thanks for following first and foremost! Too sweet.

So I’ve gotten two separate suggestions to post about NAILS by none other than my former awesome roommate and my current awesome roommate (hi guys!) I currently am working on pictures of my top 5 favorite OPI nail colors but I wanted to enlighten you all a little on my nail routines and how to keep your nails healthy and strong.

I paint my nails a lot. Like one new color a week. Mostly because I love changing it up but also because real nail color (even when you get a professional manicure) lasts tops 10 days without chipping. I have just gotten into using a basecoat which improves color longevity at least 3 days AND helps the color paint on smooth without clumping. I usually use a top coat. The basecoats and top coats don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Loreal or any drugstore brand is great. Now color wise, that’s a different story. I’m a little bit of an OPI and Essie snob. I do notice quality differences with those brands as compared to Wet N Wild and Sinful Colors. I would strong NOT recommend Sinful Colors because every single color has faded to a weird, dirty version of that color after 5 days. So weird but I just stay away even if the $3 price tag is enticing for an impulse purchase. To get the color off, I use 100% acetone opposed to regular nail polish remover. I find it gets even the darkest colors off 5X quicker than regular remover. It is strong and makes your nails, cuticles and hands dry so wash and moisturize after!

I was actually blessed with pretty darned good genes that make my nails grow fast, strong and long. I do find that keeping my nails filed and buffed on a regular basis (once every 2 days or so) helps tremendously with nail health. I keep a buffer block from Sephora or even Walgreens ($1-5) at my desk or in my purse at all times. So when I find one of my nails is uneven, or has snagged a little- I buff it out! Try it. I also keep lotion in my purse and at my desk and every single time I wash my hands, I rub lotion to moisturize my hands. Some people recommend rubbing Vaseline on your cuticles everyday but to me, that’s sticky and gross. I don’t want my fingers all greasy.

So to give you all a teaser on what’s next… I will swatch 10 of my must have nail colors (my favorites & colors that never go out of style). And…. I’m going to teach you all about MAKEUP BRUSHES! What brushes are important, the ones you can do without, the ones you need for a smokey eye, etc etc. Sneak peek…


I hope everyone has a great night and Thursday!

Xo, Lesley Hope


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