Beauty Essentials pt 2

Published February 12, 2014 by lesleyhope

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great day. I walked another mile or so in 10 degree weather, so… it definitely was a great Tuesday compared to when I had to walk in -20 degree weather.

As promised, I am writing about my most used, probably-couldn’t-go-on-a-vacation-without products. Some might surprise you but these 5 products I use religiously and I back them up 100%. Here we go…

Clarisonic– I’ve had this little number for about 2 years and I absolutely love it. It exfoliates, deep cleans, gets off ALL of my makeup and depending on the brush you get (there’s about 6 different ones) it also moisturizes. I have the Cashmere bristles and it doesn’t lie- it feels like cashmere heaven on my face. This is a little pricey but I do believe that drug store brands such as Neutrogena carry them.


Baby powder! Who has time to wash their hair everyday? Not I. I use baby powder to matte down my roots. It absorbs the excess oil in your roots and makes your hair look like it’s freshly washed. Such a God send. They should call it baby power!… see what I did there… It also makes you smell fresh too. I can’t wash my hair everyday otherwise it would probably fall out so this little number is like magic dust that I sprinkle on. Oh yeah, it also lightens my up roots so in the dead of winter when I can’t afford to go the hair salon for another week, it will brighten up my hair color like new.


Baby oil. Johnson’s really knew what they were doing didn’t they? I use baby oil when I get out of the shower. It locks in moisture to your skin AND it’s not all oily like when you use it at the beach. Fresh out of the shower, this stuff makes your skin SO soft. I also use it to take off my eye makeup each night. I used to use Mary Kay makeup remover but I learned that this can be just as effective and a lot less expensive.


THIS BRUSH! It’s called the One Perfecting Brush by Becca cosmetics. Okay so it’s pricey. No, it’s expensive. Yes, but it’s worth it. It can be used for ANY makeup function- powdering your face, contouring, blending, foundation application, blush, highlighting. It’s worth it to me. It’s bristles are dense but not harsh so they work with the angles of your face. Great purchase. Side note, my nail color is Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI.


Last but not least… dun dun dun. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I’m all about these versatile products that can be used for lots of different things. This is one of them. It is an eye primer, lip primer, eye color or face color. This is my favorite color too. It’s a matte nude beige that gives enough color for a bare eye but also can be blending out with color on top of it. Paint pots come in about 15 colors as well- all ranging in different finishes (matte, glitter, frost, metallic). Props to MAC for getting me hooked.


That concludes my most used beauty products. I hope you guys enjoyed and learned a little something. Or just now have a new appreciation for Johnson & Johnson. Maybe I should try their baby shampoo…

Sleep well and go USA!

Love, Lesley Hope


6 comments on “Beauty Essentials pt 2

  • I cannot believe I didn’t know about these Johnson and Johnson secrets. Seriously about to go to Walgreens right now to pick some up. Do you think you could also describe in more detail what the Clarisonic is like and possible pricing for it as well as drugstore brands?

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and your comment! If you do go and pick up some J&J products I would recommend the travel sizes because 1) they fit in your carry on without you getting searched by security and 2) a lot goes a long way.
      Anyway, to answer your question- so there are 5 different Clarisonic cleansing devices available for purchase ranging from $99-225. Now, that’s where subjectivity comes into play. I have the Mia which is $125 comes in a variety of colors, as do most of the mid-range cleaning devices. What makes them different is the speeds (ranging from one speed to 4), the year warranties (1 or 2) and some have timers. Mine only has one speed, which has been great for me but if you’re looking for more of a deep cleaning- the extra $100 or so to buy the Clarisonic Plus might be useful. The brush heads are all interchangeable. I believe there are 6 different kinds- delicate, sensitive, normal, acne, deep pore, body. Then there is the “luxury” brushes which have 3- cashmere, satin precision and velvet foam body. I used to have deep pore & normal but I recently switched to cashmere and it’s AMAZING. So soft on my skin which is great because my skin gets so dry and tender during the winter. You should switch out the brush heads every 3 months or so, just as you would a toothbrush. I also clean mine on a weekly basis with Johnson’s baby shampoo because it’s gentle and gets all the gross dirt out of there. Clarisonic website has awesome comparison charts of all if this is too confusing!
      As for the drugstore brands- there is the Olay Pro-X. One of my friends has this and really likes it. Comes with 2 speeds and it’s $32 sold at Target, Ulta, Amazon. there’s a link to that. Neutrogena also carries a cleansing brush, Conair, CVS has their own brand and there’s a couple of others. I haven’t heard much about any of them but whatever you choose- I would get a 1) rechargeable device (not battery operated) and 2) waterproof.
      Yikes this was a long reply I hope I answered your question! Happy hunting! 🙂 Lesley

  • Awesome post, I need to go out and get baby power and oil immediately! I currently use the clarasonic with a head for acne and am wondering if there any cons to using the cashmere head if I have oily/acne prone skin? Also, is the MAC product a powder or a cream?

    • Thanks love!! I would HIGHLY recommend J&J powder & oil! They also make your legs sexy and soft before a night out on the town.
      Ok so I used to have the acne brush and I really liked it but at some points it was almost too harsh against my skin. The cashmere is much softer and feels better during the winter on my skin but I do notice that it is not as effective for the deep cleaning of pores. I would recommend you try the Cashmere with a good toner afterwards (I use Murad Clarifying toner- $14 at Ulta) because the cashmere just feels so refreshing and nice on my skin- especially in the winter. Let me know if you need any help shopping 😉

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