Manic Monday

Published February 11, 2014 by lesleyhope

Hi friends! I was SO amped to blog about the 5 Beauty Essentials. I was literally writing at work on my notepad about it. Then the stair-master (or Juan Pablo) got the best of my neck muscles and I’m lying here with a heating pad on my neck. Too stiff for pics and I just took a high dose ibuprofen so we’ll just call it a night huh?

Anyways, I’m sorry for the tease post to my 4 readers (or 3, not sure how many of you I have HOOKED yet). Tomorrow I will share my 5 products that are everyday can’t-live-withouts. Side note… I never want to push any products on anyone. You do not need to go and buy ANYTHING. Everything I talk about is MY experience and I am sharing my thoughts with you. So, if you decide you hate Inglot- more power to you (even though I really will question why… kidding!) Really, it’s all about personal preference and what works for YOU. This is about discovering YOUR taste, YOUR style, YOUR color. It’s all about you! I want to challenge you all to think of something… what do you want your stamp on life to be? Just think about it.

In later posts I am going to show makeovers of beautiful women becoming beautiful women. I look at makeovers as enhancements of your best features- nothing else. So get ready for that- maybe I will even film.

Goodnight world, don’t hurt your neck like me.

Xo, Sleeping Beauty


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