Color… Not For The Fearful!

Published February 10, 2014 by lesleyhope

Allright so as I’m new to blogging, I’m also new to pictures. As promised, I have swatched my Inglot lip cremes and I am so excited to share them with you because they’re SO GORGEOUS. Uber pigmented and creamy. As I mentioned, Inglot’s packaging is svelte. It’s efficient and snazzy.

20140209_200145 20140209_200210

Now, the one thing I will say about Inglot that I really don’t like is that their lip colors, eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc. don’t have names! They have numbers. So… yeah. MAC 1, Inglot 0. Come on! Who is going to remember numbers?! So I’m going to name them myself or just refer to them as their positioning in the palette.

First row… right to left20140209_201202

  • Deep purple matte. Similar to MAC Cyber but it’s richer and more wearable for a statement look at work (without looking like a hoochie).
  • Beautiful blue-based red. It’s actually got a lot of blue opposed to a fire engine red with lots of orange. I personally like this shade of red opposed to all other shades for fair skin like myself.
  • Cyan blue. Unless you’re going to a drag show, you probably wouldn’t wear this anywhere BUT it has every opportunity to become apart of your everyday makeup routine by MIXING. Color is all about mixing and improvising to get your best look!
  • Deep matte reddish brown. I haven’t seen a color like this. OCC’s Anita is similar but much darker. This is a great fall/winter color and everyday color for medium/dark skinned people. I am a fan of all browns so I like this anytime 🙂
  • Bold berry magenta. Crazy pretty! And not too bold… I wear this to work a lot with light eyes.

Second row… right to left 20140209_201436

  • Bright violet- another color that is meant perhaps more to be mixed rather than worn alone. But trust me, I will be trying this color out on the town once I get a tan this summer. TBD…
  • Nude with warm undertones. Nude lip=this color. Enough said.
  • Bright pinky coral. When you think spring, this is the color that comes to mind. It comes up more pink in the pictures than what it is. Until I looked at the pictures I uploaded, I thought of it more of an orangey-coral.
  • Glittery medium purple. Not as dark as the first purple I swatched but SO dimensional with the specs of glitter in it. Love it with a cat-eye and some pretty gloss on top.
  • Light pink nude. I’m such a fan of the nudes. You can do a lot with this because it has a definite pink undertone but it’s so light that you can mix it with other colors to lighten them up.

Last but not least…20140209_200928

These came up a little blurry sorry guys!

  • Medium muave. Great color for all skin tones, hair colors, eye colors.
  • Radiant orchid. PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR! This one is bright, bold, vibrant- oh my gosh! My favorite color right now. Ladies, please take note- this is the color of 2014 so… if you’re going to buy any color, buy this one.
  • Hot pink. This is another one that probably could be mixed more than worn alone. It’s blue undertones will create a purplish when you mix this with other colors. It’s also beautiful to be worn with a nice tan. Blondes, go crazy with this baby this summer.
  • Lavish lavender. This is probably my second favorite. I don’t think anyone can pull this off. I do think it could be paired with a smokey eye or even a bare look for a pop. I do think that if you wear this, you would own the room.
  • Light baby pink. MAC’s Saint Germain is a color that is similar to this. I think this is a staple in any makeup kit. Everyone looks good with a true light pink on their smackers!

WHEW! I have swatched for my first time! I’m going to work on my color vocab for you all so I’m not just repeating the same words. But the moral of this post is… COLOR IS IN! Go for it! I support all color choices! It’s all about how you wear it and how you OWN it! Remember that. You can wear any and all of the colors above but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear them alone! That bright blue… wear. But pair it with a red. Don’t believe me?



Yes, thank me later. That cyan blue and the blue-based red together makes this… a radiant… orchid? Did I get it wrong? No, this is a deeper magenta than the former. They are two different shades of the pantone color of the year.

Do you guys now see why I’m obsessed? Hope you enjoyed.

Xo, the Color Queen




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