Happy Saturday! (Or Sunday)

Published February 9, 2014 by lesleyhope

Went on a little over-due shopping escapade today with my lovely mother and I have an AWESOME HAUL (and my first ever) for you guys! There’s a catch though… I haven’t done it! Tomorrow. I will have pictures, swatches, reviews, the whole hoop-la for you. In the post tonight I will elaborate on my favorite brands. Ready, go…

Inglot. Oh. My. Gosh. I first met (and fell in love) with this Swedish brand approximately a year and a half ago. I think I read a beauty blog about their Freedom System and it intrigued me. Then I found out they only had a couple of stores in the US, much less the entire world! THEN I found out they had a store in Chicago. HELLO WINDY CITY! I was there probably the next week and absolutely hooked. The Freedom System is genius. They carry hundreds of matte finish, glittery finish, satin finish, sheer finish eyeshadows that you can pick and choose and make your own palette (all different sizes ranging from 1-20). It’s a miracle for someone like myself that knows what colors I like and look good in- but loves to experiment and try new things on certain occasions. So of course I load up on the warm neutrals and browns. But then there’s that beautiful glittery teal that I am certain would look amazing as an accent for a smokey eye. Oh, and there is that fuschia that I know I can pair with my light gold for an everyday look with a pop. Now do you get the point? And the hype is 100% REAL! No parabeans, good prices, great pigmentation and excellent quality. Oh yeah, and their packaging is sleek- perfect for traveling. That’s Inglot. Doesn’t even scrape the surface of this brand but it brushes on it. Next post I will show you real evidence of why this brand is my favorite and it’s a danger that I live in the same city now!

I said I was going to name more brands but that’s enough. Are you even still reading? Great! I’m going to bed. Check back tomorrow for some spectacular LIP swatches from Inglot- they’re new and *wait for it*, have moved into a STRONG contender for best lip colors beside MAC and OCC lip tars. GASP. Yes. It’s true. Anyone that knows me or has seen my vanity/makeup kit KNOWS how much I adore and put MAC/OCC on a pedestal…

Until next time lovers! Work hard, workout harder, play as you wish.

Lesley Hope xo


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